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优势: 全自然环境种植,经历了自然的风吹雨露,兰草对各种恶劣的环境已经产生了适应和免疫力,所以更好养,适应能力更强。
Advantages: Planted in the whole natural environment, after experiencing natural wind, rain and dew, orchids have developed adaptation and immunity to various harsh environments, so it is better maintained and has stronger adaptability.

CymbidiumUS 纤芸阁

All-natural planting base: CYMUS Orchid Garden is located in the deep mountains of Nanjing, Fujian, covering an area of 100 acres, all of which are  planted in a wild environment, with strong light and less fertilizer hormone free.

纤芸阁-cymbidium base


Direct delivery from the base: from planting to delivery, the quality is guaranteed!


We also provide you with reservation service. You can contact our customer service through wechat, email and feel free to call us to start your customized service!

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