Presale Live Cymbidium Faberi 九华蕙兰素 Orchids Perfect for Windowsills or Indoors-Shipped Without Flowers-国兰

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Article: Cymbidium 九华蕙兰素 高挑挺拔,叶细长,花儿出架,清秀。
优点:易养易花 缺点:叶子容易焦尖
Orchids are not in bud or flower at this moment, photos are a sample representation when the orchids are in full blooming, not the actual plants you will receive

What you will get: You will get 1 mature plant, start or grow your collection with the beautiful orchids.

Perfect Gift: This beautiful living orchid in a high-end, stylish ceramic pot makes the perfect gift or decor for your home or office.

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