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Cymbidium Orchid Fragrant Flowers Easy to Grow,

Specification: Sword-leaved cymbidium- Please inform us if your weather is going to be below 26F when you place the order.
Size:Mature plants close to budding
Features: easy to grow and bloom
Flowering Period: Summer, autumn shipped without flowers
Package: Flower pot not included and shipped bare root with moss.
峨眉晨光 又名赤诚。四季兰(建兰)色花。产于四川峨眉山,草型中等,叶质较薄,叶面不平,常起波浪纹,叶片蜡质感强。草小花大,花香,花莛高,大出架、一般一杆花有3一5朵 勤草,勤花,花心和花舌为紫黑色,花茎青色,花色对比明显,颜色极为亮丽,开品稳定,花香,嫩草时有龙抬头现象,此草的最大特征在于新苗包壳上有明显的紫色细丝,至主脉表现尤其明显,这是鉴别此草的主要标志。
We will try to select the orchids with buds for you if they are during flowering period, but most orchids are shipped without flower buds.
Orchids will be shipped bare root wrapped with moss. When you receive them, the roots will be dry, this is normal.
If the roots are too dry, please soak them for a few minutes in water and plant them in a good orchid medium. The orchids should be going into thriving soon.


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